72nd Annual
June 3 - July 26, 2019

Application for the Frank Andrews Summer Institute Fellowship

Deadline: February 15, 2019

To apply for support from the Frank Andrews Scholarship Fund, complete and submit the application to the Summer Institute in Survey Research Techiques first (To apply, click here). Then complete and submit the application to the Frank Andrews Fund here. At the bottom of the application, attach a recent resume or Curriculum Vitae and one letter of recommendation from a past or present academic adviser (preferred), a work supervisor, or someone else who knows your work and your abilities well.

Background (enter Summer Institute Application Code, or your email)

Summer Institute Application Code

Personal Statement

Please give a brief explanation why you are interested in studying in the Summer Institute, telling us how you came to know something about surveys and social research, how Summer Institute study might impact your work or studies, and how such studies could affect your plans for the next five years.

Work Experience

Please tell us if you are currently employed, and if so, what firm or agency or company you work for, how long you have worked for them, what kind of work you do, and whether the work involves statistics and surveys in particular. Also tell us what previous employment you have had that is related to surveys and statistics, including who you worked for, what kind of work you did, and how long you worked for that employer.

Educational Background

Please tell us about your university or college level education. Give the name of each institution where you studied, the years of study, your major and minor fields of study, and what kind of a degree (if any) received. For each institution, tell us as well what courses in social research and applied statistics you completed during your study. If you have not taken applied statistics courses at the college or university level, tell us whether you have taken courses in algebra, calculus, or linear algebra. (It is not necessary that you have taken college or university level statistics courses to be considered for the Frank Andrews scholarship, but coursework in mathematics is important.)

Financial Need

Please identify any sources of funding you have that can be used to pay for fees, living expenses, or travel, in part or in whole, and the approximate amount of such funding that is available.

English Proficiency

Participants must give evidence of English proficiency. Adequate proficiency includes (1) one or more years of university level study in English, (2) satisfactory TOEFL scores, or (3) satisfactory MELAB scores (a test administered by the University of Michigan English Language Institute)

Please state your evidence of English proficiency: